Profit Dental Marketing

1536 Kimberly Ave Suite A, Fullerton, CA, 92831
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Profit Dental Marketing provides new patients for orthodontists and dentists through advertising, consulting, and appointment booking. Our competitors only give leads without appointment scheduling for their clients. While other consultants and marketers say they provide 'social media marketing', in reality, they only post a few stock images for you on your social media platforms without actually getting you quality leads or patients. The innovative campaigns we carry out at Profit Dental Marketing will help grow your dental clinic by catering to your unique marketing needs. If your office requires help closing cases, our professional dentists (who have over 20 years of experience) can help you improve your closing rate so that patients see that your clinic is the best place to get their teeth done. But, if you just need patients in your dental chair, our team can help you carry out that goal. Our expert marketing team is highly skilled and experienced in the lead generation process. We handle everything for you starting from the ad, to converting the visitors to leads, to nurturing the leads and scheduling them in your chair. Whenever your practice needs help with calling prospects, closing patients, billing, referrals, and more, our team can help you. Book a free consultation today and check if you qualify to enjoy a free 1 month of PDM services.