Professional Insurance Claim Services LLC

1162 Baird Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, 70801
(225) 276-1199

About Professional Insurance Claim Services LLC

Tom Doise, the owner of Professional Insurance Claim Services used to be a contractor. Tom knew the one area that he was always needing help with was estimating. Whether it be due to people being sick, on vacation or leaving the company, there was always a need for a good estimator. Tom found that after comparing estimates that adjusters or other companies were writing, the estimates that he can provide were significantly more detailed in scope. When he left the contracting world, he opened this business to best serve the insured and the contractors.

Estimating Services:

  • Water Mitigation Estimates

  • Mold Damage Estimates

  • Weather Reconstruction Estimates

  • Sewage Estimates

  • Content Packout and Cleaning Estimates

  • Fire/Soot and Odor Removal Estimates

  • Dry Ice Blasting Estimates

  • Residential Roofing Estimates and Supplements