Pontiac-Oakland Club-Colorado Chapter

P O Box 56, Arvada, CO, 80001
(303) 775-7831

The Colorado Chapter of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International

We invite you to join!In 1974, the Colorado Chapter was chartered by the Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI).   It was a group of 18 with a variety of vehicles and a common interest.  The group had a common interest in the enjoyment, history, preservation, and restoration of Pontiac and Oakland vehicles.  Recently, the organization has welcomed the owners of GMC pickup trucks: Pontiac built V-8 engines for GMC pickups starting in 1955.

The chapter has actively supported the OCCC, now the Collector Car Council of Colorado, since the 1970’s.  We have had  a chapter member serve as an officer of the Council and many members volunteer to work on Council events. One chapter member has served as a National Director of POCI.  The chapter is active in the community with mini car shows and financial contributions to charitable organizations.

Pontiacers define the ‘ideal car event’ as a reasonable drive and FOOD.  Generally, events are held in Denver area, but we annually hold events in the Fort Collins/Greeley and Colorado Springs areas.  The north and south meetings satisfies the ‘ideal meeting’ standard.  Anyone sharing the common interest is welcome at a chapter event.  

The Pontiac Buggy Works, located in Oakland County Michigan, introduced the Oakland automobile in 1908.  The Pontiac automobile was introduced in 1926; a thrifty family car introduced as the ‘Chief of the Sixes’.  Oakland automobiles became a victim of the Great Depression.  No one in the chapter owns a Pontiac buggy, but there are Oaklands . . . . and a whole bunch of Pontiacs and several GMC pickups.

 We welcome owners of all Pontiacs, Oaklands and GMC Pickups regardless of condition or body style.