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Home Builder in Saint Charles, MN
Discover a better way to build.

The key to building right is our invisible quality. Invisible quality is the unseen quality of a home which affects longevity and performance of every home. Select trades, familiar with our process, partner with us to insure the invisible quality meets our design standards and provide you with a quality customized home superior to other homes.

First Choice means more choices...

We know that no two customers are exactly alike, so we offer more than 50 beautiful home plans with countless customization options to help make your home your own. Your home will be a reflection of you and your family the way you live, entertain, work and relax. Have a particular home plan you like? Bring it along with your ideas! We'll take them and incorporate our build right measures, and build it right for you with the same top-grade materials, product brands and craftsmanship that we put in all of our homes.

We Build RightSM to provide a quality custom home of your dreams you will enjoy for years to come.