Engineered Specialties LLC

6111 Mill Creek Dr, Auburndale, WI, 54412
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Engineered Specialties LLC manufactures and distributes the best compressed air piping systems available. Our systems are great for the home garage, professional, and industrial application.

RapidAir offers an easy and flexible way to customize your workshop with applications from automotive to woodworking. RapidAir is a complete compressed air distribution system that is designed to easily install beneath walls of new construction, or on wall surfaces of existing workshops. Our garage compressed air piping system is designed for a lifetime of service.

Air Anywhere
Imagine putting compressed air lines exactly where you want them, just like electrical outlets. No more dragging hoses across the shop to your work area.

Easy to Install
No special tools required, simply push the flexible tubing into the fittings. Put up your system in an afternoon.