Empire Rollers and Coatings

783 Wangum Road, Fishers, 14453
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Empire Rollers and Coatings is the leading manufacturer of specialty rollers for the flexible packaging, film manufacturing and converting industries and for the carbon fiber, textile and composites industries.  Our rollers, including the Glassteel Corona Treater Roller, the corrEnamel Roller and the thermEnamel Roller improve operational efficiency and reliability.
Our rollers are coated using proprietary formulations that provide superior wear and corrosion resistance, unmatched dielectric strength and unique thermal qualities.  Specific types of rollers include Corona Treater, Heating and Cooling Rollers, Dip Rollers, Oven Rollers, Back-Up Rollers, MDO and Hot Draw Rollers.   
All manufacturing processes including machining, coating, firing/curing, grinding and polishing are performed in our manufacturing facility to ensure we meet all customer dimensional and finish specifications.
Converters and flexible packaging manufacturer’s will benefit from our Glassteel Corona Treater Rolls.  These rolls are coated with a proprietary formulation that forms both a chemical and a physical bond with the roller surface. Glassteel’s amorphous structure and non-porous surface will provide superior durability, treatment quality and withstand ozone and other forms of corrosion or coating degradation. Glassteel has the highest dielectric strength of any roll coating and is superior to ceramic, epoxy, silicone and Hypalon rollers.
All of this is backed-up by an industry leading 5-year warranty.
Carbon Fiber and Textile manufacturers utilize our corrEnamel roller for use in treating, stretching and drawing carbon fiber strands to ensure proper tensile strength and dimensional uniformity.
corrEnamel is a highly corrosive resistant coating used in chemical bath & dip roller applications. The coating is designed to withstand harsh cleaning agents without degrading over time and can be finished “over the roll edge” for submersion in wash tank acids or other chemical treatments. corrEnamel coating will also provide a wear resistant and porous free surface that will not breakdown and will significantly outlast metal, ceramic and chrome plated rollers.
thermEnamel is a specialty coating that can be used in heating and cooling roller applications. Our unique thermEnamel coating has been designed to evenly distribute temperature across the coating roll face and can be used in heating applications as high as withstand temperatures up to 500F. Dual shell heating and cooling rollers are not typically required when using the thermEnamel coating. The thermEnamel coating retains its thermal qualities and remains very wear resistance for many years, even under the most hostile environments.
medEnamel is an clean organic, hygienic coating that can be used in where cleanliness is critical. Typical uses include conveying and idler rollers used in the production of medical & pharmaceutical roller applications packaging. The medEnamel coating has been designed to resist medical cleaning and chemical solutions while remaining to and will keep finished products residue free. The medEnamel coating is non-reactive and will also retain its non-stick properties throughout its lifetime.