Dickey Duray

Los Angeles, CA
(562) 682-0322

What’s the Winning Difference?
We represent a new generation of thought leadership, while also spending most of our lives as your target audience. We see both sides of the equation. Your goals, whether you push health products, produce media for pleasure, or deal exclusively in B2B contracts is to be more spirited in your engagement strategy. Inspirational interactive video wall applications and mobile marketing touches your buyers’ heart strings and when done right provides them an avenue of expression and exploration. They no longer exist outside your brand, but rather become part of it. Fact remains humans love to interact with technology, they love to share their thoughts or even their thoughtless selfies, while the largest audience of all, the millenials, especially love to be heard. We put the spotlight on the “how,” because just doing it isn’t good enough. We’ll make sure you’re delightful. 
And Why Dickey Duray?
Our extensive software development capabilities in non-traditional form factors, such as large-scale interactive video wall experiences, multi-touch tables, and responsive mobility combined with creative direction, and business objective planning can be your magical brand enhancement resource. Dickey Duray is a creative technology firm that thrives on solving the challenges our customers set before us. We prefer to work in a hands-on, collaborative, and measurable fashion. We strongly urge our customers to spend appropriate time visualizing success and defining victory. This is only achievable when you follow a path of in-depth discovery through stakeholder interviews, ideation, and design iterations. We provide documents to help you do this internally, or you may invite us in to lead. It’s smiles and delight we seek for you, and as creators of future-driven ideas, we embrace in equal parts technology and process. You have an opportunity to be iconic.