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Anchor Roofing, Inc. is a Professional Roofing Company fully Insured, with High Bonding Capacity, that prides their Roofers in Practicing their Trade with Discipline. If it is a Roof we Install it & have plenty of references.
We divide our services in two main categories: residential and commercial rooring. In these two categories we do everithing you need with your roof, from roof repair until roof replacement.

Anchor Roofing has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and we’re here to put our expertise to work for you.
Obviously, the roof of your home is a very important investment and because of that we willl discuss your needs and will go over the many options available to you, while paying attention on staying within your budget.
Anchor Roofing is a member of the Better Business Bureau, National Roofing Contractors Association and the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. We’re fully licensed by the city of Houston and are heavily insured for workman’s compensation, so you can go into any job with us with complete peace of mind.
Premium residential roofing service
There are many different options for you when it comes to residential roofing, and they all have their own qualities and benefits. Among the types you can choose from:
    Asphalt shingles: Widely used for many years in this country, shingles are both affordable and long-lasting.
    Wood shingles: These are generally made out of cedar and are treated to be fire-resistant.
    Wood shakes: Shakes have a more rugged, thicker look than shingles, but are generally made from the same material. In some cases, they are installed with another roof underneath, for aesthetic reasons.
    Slate: While beautiful, classic and long-lasting, slate is considered to be one of the more expensive roofing options on the market. We’re happy to talk to you about your many options when it comes to slate and its lookalike roofing types.
    Metal: This is becoming a popular option because it’s very durable, can take on the appearance of many other materials and can last a lifetime.
    Tile: Fire-resistant and sturdy, this type of roofing can be heavier than others, but it holds up well on structures that can handle the weight.

If you have any questions about residential roofing in Houston or the surrounding area, we’re at your disposal and if you want we can provide you samples and/or references. Our residential contractors will walk you through your project every step of the way!

Commercial roofing services
If you are a business owner, we guess that you have put your soul and your money in building your empire. As business owners ourselves we understand the importance of having a functional building to do business. Nobody wants to have water stains on their ceiling or walls for customers to see. After all, if your place of business looks like that how can your customers trust you with your services and product?

Anchor Roofing, Inc.

3511 Bering Dr

Houston, TX 77057

(713) 266-2777