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About Wrap Artist

Vehicle wraps are more than just vinyl applied to a substrate. They are the world's most cost effective form of advertisement as well as a visual medium far superior to anything else in existence. Therefore they must be designed to perfection, relaying the message clearly as well as attractively. Experience is key in executing a successful vehicle wrap. Regardless of the message, the execution must be clear and effective, it must speak to your demographic in a language they feel and understand. That's our specialty.

WrapArtist.com owner/operator Jamie Mullican (a.k.a. Mully), is one of the leading experts when it comes to designing and installing professional wraps. Jamie has produced over 1000 premium wrap designs over the last 14 years. During this time he has had the privilege of getting to know and work along side scores of “wrap” craftsmen from all over the country. This along with his experience as art director in the large format industry, molded his unique set of traits that led to the creation of WrapArtist.com... A trusted resource for accurate designs, custom templates and installations.